Hey there! I'm Thomas from Denmark :)

I have been composing music as a hobby and for relaxation since childhood. Professionally I've been working as a web developer since 1997.

Music gear

I don't use hardware instruments anymore, a computer with virtual instruments and samples is good enough for me.


  • Renoise, Z3ta2, Zebra2, Waves Silver, MiniKorg, Korg Prophecy, NI Komplete


  • Roland JV2080, Roland JP8000, Ensoniq ASR10, Nova, Behringer Eurorack mx 2804 mixer, Edison EX1, ART Dual Levelar, Cubase, Yamaha REV500

Computer history

1985 - My first computer. A 1MHz Commodore 64!. I quickly found interest in the demo scene (more). A local scener supplied the latest games, demos and gossip, intriguing stuff.
I started drawing fonts and logos, and was very interested in the wonderful sound it produced. The C64 sound chip (SID) featured 3 voices/9 octaves, 4 wave-forms. I used Futurecomposer and Soundmonitor for my tunes. I ended up swapping the latest demos with 40 guys all around europe.

1990 - My second computer, the 7MHz Commodore Amiga 500.
To be honest I was'nt that impressed with this machine, mainly because the soundchip was not what I expected, I had really hoped for an improved SID (synthesizer) chip with hi-fi samples, only the sample part made it into the Amiga. Anyway it turned out to be great fun after all. I used Sound Tracker, NoiseTracker, Future Composer, Mugician (loved the sound, almost brought tears in my eyes due to its C64 like sound), ProTracker, Delta, Sidmon1-2. I really wish i had all my modules from that time, only most of my Pro/Noisetracker .mods seems to have survived.
I was a member of 2000AD, PALACE and TRSi. My handle then was Hellrazor.

1994 - My third computer, a 60MHz Intel Pentium 60. I still used my Amiga, composing and playing some sensible soccer. I ended my demoscene career in TRSi and only composed once in a while in FastTracker. In 1997 I bought Cubase and some hardware music equipment, but Cubase was such a pain to compose with that I went inactive with my music, no trackers at that time could do midi nor virtual instruments. I changed my handle to Opaque Fear in this period, it was only meant as a project into dark and mysterious music, maybe this dark period was caused by the uninspiring Cubase. I didn't make music for quite a few years in that period until Renoise came about.

2003 - Now it's Garfferen and time for some groovy music. Use Renoise, EEEEEE!!!